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Adoptions have been Julia's passion.  Julia is on the DCFS Statewide Panel of Adoption Attorneys and assists with state subsidized adoptions and guardianships.  In addition, Julia works with many of the private agencies to assist in agency-assisted adoptions and has experience and is knowledgeable in Interstate Adoptions, ICWA issues, and foreign adoptions. 


Julia can assist you in a "related adoption" and work with you on parental right termination.  Sometimes adoptions have taken place in another country, and a family desires to obtain an Illinois certificate of birth.  We can assist you in obtaining the birth certificate either through the IDPH or by re-adoption, then with the assistance of IDPH. 

Julia's first law job was working as an assistant public defender in the juvenile court system.  Working in the underlying juvenile neglect & abuse cases helped prepare her in assisting clients by being able to better explain the process for those adoptions stemming from the juvenile court system.  We will be here to help you throughout the process and seek to get you the information you need to be fully informed.

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