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Estate Planning is extremely important if you are concerned in any way of what happens to your "estate" when you no longer are here to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  All of your efforts may go to the wayside unless you keep up with the law and understand how to protect your loved ones from having a burden instead of a blessing when you pass on.  I can assist in creating a simple but effective estate plan so that your assets are best protected so those that you intend to benefit, will do so.  A Special Needs Trust can be created to protect yourself or others from the unintended result of disqualification from Medicaid and SSI.  A Revocable Trust can be set up to avoid publicizing your estate and intended beneficiaries (your Will must be filed with the circuit clerk upon your death and becomes public record). 

We never know what the future holds, but there are tools to protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary burdens.  Keeping your estate out of "probate" may be the solution you are looking for.

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